Weaver Green - Diamond Blanket - Aqua

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Size: 230cm x 130cm

Made from approximately 300 recycled plastic bottles, these gorgeous pastel blue blankets are wonderfully cosy. Soft like wool, our Diamond Aqua Blankets are machine washable, stain-resistant and can be used both inside and outdoors.

Great for dressing beds, using as a sofa throw and the perfect alternative to a wool picnic blanket, these pastel blue throw blankets are incredibly practical.

· Stain-resistant

· Water-resistant

· Hard-wearing

· Machine washable

· Moth resistant

· UV stable

Soft, stain-resistant, machine washable and great for indoor or outdoor use, these large soft-grey throw blankets are perfect for pet owners, red wine lovers and beachgoers. Moths won’t eat them and dust mites won’t live in them, so they are great for allergy sufferers too.

All our blankets are hand-loomed, so some minor variations in colour and size can be expected.

Please note: These diamond blankets feature a lovely, open weave that is designed to look and feel like a natural wool throw. As with wool and natural fibres some pilling can occur, as can some yarn snagging though these are usually easy to repair.

100% recycled, environmentally friendly, ethically produced, practical and gorgeous rugs and textiles...